Grab Bar Installation

Grab Bar Installation

House Doctors offers a full range of grab bar installation services to provide a safer environment in your home. Whether it is to support and improve stability and function when standing and sitting, or to lend a hand when getting in or out of a bathtub or shower, House Doctors can install the highest quality grab bars. These grab bars are designed to enhance an existing bathroom décor as well. No matter your age, you want to be able to enjoy and do daily activities throughout your home, without the possibility of injury.


The bathroom is the number one place for slips and falls for people of all ages. Grab bars can help with mobility and stability to help prevent many bathroom-related accidents. While aging in your home, you want to be able to freely navigate each room without having to worry about falling or slipping, especially where slick flooring is present. Not only are those aging in their home prone to slips and falls, but children are also too, especially in the bathroom. Having a grab bar at each part of your bathroom where you have to bend down, lift up your feet, or stand back up, is necessary to move with ease and comfort. It is also important that these grab bars be installed properly and that they are of good quality. If they aren’t, it poses a bigger risk. You also want to be sure that these grab bars are installed in a good location as well. If you need help standing up and the grab bar is too high for you to reach, then it is useless. We are here to make sure they are sturdy and in a good spot.

Choose your own grab bar for a House Doctors handyman to install for you, or ask us about multifunctional grab bars from one of our preferred partners.  These bars are both stylish and functional, turning your everyday bathroom accessories into a support system for the young and old.

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