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Walk-In Tub Installation from House Doctors

Walk-in tubs from House Doctors can create a much safer environment in your home’s bathroom. This product is particularly useful for anyone living in the home who is advancing in age, experiencing limited mobility, or dealing with a physical handicap. With a walk-in tub installation, your bathing experience will no longer include stepping up and over the tub edge upon entry. Instead, you will need only to step over a threshold that is either just above or on the same level as the existing bathroom floor, reducing the chances of a slip or fall before or after your bath.

Once you enter your walk-in tub, simply take a seat and close the door. You will quickly find yourself immersed in water within a tub that is about twice the size of a traditional tub. While the walk-in tub itself marks a substantial upgrade in the safety of your bath, we also offer a variety of additional products that can be included upon installation to help further reduce the likelihood of an accident, which is common in bathroom areas.

These safety-enhancing options include:

Additionally, our walk-in tub installation is among the finest in the industry. Constructed of extremely durable, nonporous acrylic, these specialty tubs will never crack, stain, chip, or fade. This low-maintenance design means that your new tub will look great and perform reliably for as long as the bathroom around it remains standing. Reliable and sturdy assistance in your bathroom is necessary to help prevent any accidents.

For more information about walk-in tubs from the experts at House Doctors, contact us today. A bathroom remodeling representative will be happy to discuss your current bathroom and how we can help you create a much safer bathing experience for you.

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