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Customize your space by adding curtains and blinds! Installing blinds and curtains allows you to choose how much lighting you prefer in areas of your home, while also giving you privacy. The process of hanging blinds or curtains may seem easy, but oftentimes it can be tricky. Different types of styles, windows, rods, and more can lead to a simple task becoming frustrating. Having your curtains too short or your blinds leaning one way can completely throw a room off. If you need assistance with curtain and blind installation, one of our professional handymen is ready to help!


Adding blinds and curtains to your windows can give your home the makeover that it deserves. There are several different colors, patterns, and lengths you can choose from to elevate your home’s interior. Two popular styles to consider are floor and puddle curtains; often used to make a room feel taller. These curtains often make an appearance in bedrooms and living rooms to help elongate the space. Apron and tier curtains are other popular curtain styles, typically used in kitchens and bathrooms. Apron and tier curtains are known for being shorter and just touching the bottom of a window.

Blinds are another great option to customize your space with. Blinds have multiple features to match a homeowner’s style, privacy, lighting, and heating requirements. Blinds are chosen more frequently because they are easier to clean and are more affordable. They are also known to be one of the most popular types of window treatment because they offer a variety of functions and styles. Another reason blind installation is popular is how they make a room feel more open. If you have a smaller room, you typically will prefer blinds over curtains for that reason.

Popular types of blinds that you can have installed in your home are wood, faux wood, vertical, allusion, roller, and even outdoor options. Each type serves its own purpose for windows. For example, wood blinds are great for keeping heat out, while vertical blinds are known for being versatile and perfect for larger windows. No matter what purpose you have in mind, blinds are a great versatile option to consider.

While shopping for curtains and blinds, keep these things in mind:

Some homeowners choose to use curtains and blinds together. You can get the best of both worlds by doing so. This means having privacy and light control with blinds, and the style of the curtains. If you have a designer’s eye, you can pick out a style for each one and we will make your vision come true with the installation.

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