Halloween Socially Distanced

Since the start of 2020, the world has changed in many ways from remote working to Zoom birthday parties. The switch from in person events to digital interactions has been a tricky path to navigate. With a socially distanced summer behind us, it makes sense to wonder about what changes the fall will bring. Halloween, along with other fall festivities are events that will have to change to fit the way we are living today. Check out our fun list of socially distanced fall favorites that are sure to make this year’s spooky season, one to remember!

Halloween Gift Box Exchange

This idea is fun for all ages! Get in contact with one or two families you are close with and see if they would be interested in having a Halloween gift box exchange. This is a simple and fun idea to still give the kids a memorable Halloween experience, while allowing them to interact with others in a safe and distanced way. Some ideas of what to put in your gift box are: seasonal stickers, reusable tote bags, bracelets, fake spiders, candles, and of course, lots of candy. For extra protection, you can wipe down the box and the items inside before sharing with the family.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an opportunity for your kids to burn off some of that sugar-charged energy? A candy scavenger hunt is the perfect idea to get your kiddos up and moving! While the candy seekers are away, hide the goods around your home. Make sure to keep chocolate and other candies that affect animals out of their reach. Sit back and relax as you watch your family search all over your home to find the hidden treats. Feel free to get as creative as possible with your hiding spots to extend the fun. This idea has the potential to captivate your whole family for an evening or two if all the goods are not found in one go. 

Pumpkin Carving

If you’re craving a more traditional fall activity, than this one is it! While apple bobbing and crowded hayrides are out of the question this year, pumpkin carving is still on the table for some family fun! If you plan on going to a pumpkin patch, call ahead to check their guidelines and see when their high traffic hours are. Other than acquiring your pumpkins, the traditional pumpkin carving experience should stay the same. Make sure an adult is the one cutting the pumpkin and supervising the fun. We suggest using recycled newspaper or cardboard under your pumpkins to help with the clean up as well. 

Social Distanced Halloween 

No one likes to change their traditions, but in times like these, it’s necessary. Being creative and finding new ways to celebrate holidays can be really fun and exciting! There’s a chance that some of this year’s new activities even get turned into yearly traditions! Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do this season, try to focus on all of the new memories you’re getting to make with your family this Halloween.


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