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Build your home’s character by adding trim and molding to your space. Trim and molding is the perfect finishing touch that elevates a room from basic to charming. If you have any trim and molding projects that you need help with, hire one of our professional molding installers for the job! Our skilled technicians can help with all of your home’s needs to get the perfect look for your home.


Adding trim and molding is an inexpensive way to add value to your home. Different types of molding have different ways of joining the wall, trim, and floor together while giving it a cohesive look. We suggest consulting with a professional to ensure the type you select is compatible with your home. Many choose to add crown molding to their home, which can either be simple or detailed. Crown molding is great at softening the transition from wall to ceiling. When you add trim and molding to your home, you are adding a simple, yet significant stylistic detail. With several options available to choose from, this can help a homeowner establish their unique style throughout their home for less. If you have questions on which molding is right for your home, call your local House Doctors location to speak to one of our customer representatives today!

Check out our list below of different types of trim and molding to choose from:


You can install trim in any room, although, depending on the unique purpose and layout of such room, there may be differences on where it can be applied. Most often trim is applied at the ceiling or floor of a room but can also be placed in the middle of a wall, three-quarters down from the ceiling for stylistic purposes. Trim can also be placed in several other locations for this reason too, such as around windows, doors, or panels in the walls or ceilings. Adding crown molding to your walls and ceilings can make a room feel larger and bolder. If you’re looking to add trim to your floors, baseboards are for you. Baseboards are great for giving the floors of your home a finished look. There are many different styles and functions that this addition can serve in a room.

If you have been looking for a way to add more character to your space, look no further. Adding trim and molding to your room will elevate the look and design of your space. Get in contact with your local House Doctors franchise today to have one of our trained technicians provide you with a clear estimate and extraordinary service.

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