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Organizing your garage is one of the best ways to reduce clutter in your home. If your clutter is getting to the point where you cannot find anything in the mess, or your car will not fit, it’s time to get your garage organized! By adding more storage solutions to your garage, you will be able to move your clutter from the floor to an organized system on the walls or ceiling, freeing up valuable space! Whether you need help installing store-bought shelving or custom-built storage space, we can help. Hire one of House Doctors’ professional handymen to organize your garage for you! With our organization skills, we can have your garage looking better than ever.

A few of the ways that House Doctors can organize your garage:


The thought of organizing your garage can cause many homeowners to feel overwhelmed and ultimately leads to delaying the project. When done alone, it can take up an entire weekend. If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, one of our handymen can add shelving or cabinets in your garage to help your space stay organized. Adding shelving and cabinets to your garage, creates a dedicated space for your items to be stored. It also frees up valuable floor space for larger items such as your car, motorcycle, and lawnmower.


Increase the overall organization of your garage by placing hooks on the walls! Hooks can hold tools, bikes, sports equipment, and other miscellaneous items you may have. House Doctors can help elevate your organization by adding hooks to your garage walls, including those hard-to-reach spaces. It is important these hooks are sturdy enough to hold heavier items. If they are not, it can create a mess and possibly damage items around it. Hooks are a great way to utilize the space in your garage.


Adding overhead storage to your garage can help you stay organized by having a dedicated space to store all those seasonal items or past relicts that you are not quite ready to part with yet. Your garage will not feel cluttered if everything is stored away above you, instead of at your feet. Storage bins are a great tool that allows you to store objects for long or short periods of time. This is another type of organization that needs to be sturdy and reliable, especially if the items above only come down a few times a year. We can help make that happen.

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