Cosmetic Upgrades to Sell Your Home Quicker

Thinking about selling your home? Consider adding these small cosmetic upgrades to get the upper edge in the seller’s market.

Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint

Are the walls in your home dated or simply too edgy to appeal to the vast majority? Sure those yellows walls speak to your design style but generally most buyers will be turned off by bold colors and textures. A simple run to your local home improvement store for a few gallons of neutral paint can fix that. We recommend light colors to open the space such as grey, tope, white etc.

New Home Hardware

You don’t have to completely change the looks of your kitchen or bathroom to give it a fresh touch. When was the last time you changed the hardware? Consider replacing all of the pulls with sleek brass or nickel for a current and clean look. You might be surprised in the difference it makes!

Staining the Floors…Intentionally!

No, we are not talking about the occasional coffee spill malfunction! Bring out the beautiful hardwood floors in your home by adding a rich dark stain to give them a fresh look and also disguise the age of the floors.

Updating the Fixtures

Chances are your ceiling fan is outdated and your other light fixtures could certainly use an upgrade. Invest in purchasing new fixtures throughout the home and focusing more on the high traffic areas to make the biggest impact.

Giving Cabinets New Life

Are your kitchen cabinets in good shape but dated? Consider bringing your cabinets up to date with a fresh coat of paint. Try to stick with neutral colors to appeal to the vast majority of buyers. Remember, not everyone likes dark blue cabinets. We recommend light colors to make the kitchen feel open and bright.

Don’t skimp on your home curb appeal

It’s true that first impressions make a big difference. Having a manicured garden and freshly cut lawn before listing and showing your home can make a big difference. Trimming the hedges and picking out the weeds can give your home an inviting and elegant appearance.

Create An Outdoor Living Space

Create a cozy outdoor living space that is budget friendly and invites buyers to come outside can help paint the picture of what life can be like if they purchase your home. Hanging some lights and setting the table with fresh flowers can make a huge difference.

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