Halloween Time Safety Tips

Halloween is a time for children to dress up as their favorite fictional character and try to collect all the candy they can carry. Though the holiday is supposed to be all spooky and fun, safety is a concern for multiple reasons. Here are some tricks and tips for this holiday to keep you and your children safe from dangerous situations.

Follow the Golden Rule when it comes to roads:

We doubt any cars will be driving around the neighborhood but for those living in high traffic areas, use cross walks and look both ways when crossing the street. There are reports that your child is two times more likely to be hit by a car when crossing the road during the spooky festivities. Last year, October was ranked the second highest in vehicle deaths, followed by July. Take your time when crossing the street and remember to look both ways. We promise the candy will still be there if you take a two-second check before walking across.

Costume Safety:

This is just an extra hazard for parents to take into consideration when it comes to costumes. October is usually a colder month in general and bonfires are bound to happen at Halloween parties or when you are passing out candies. Make sure your children’s costumes are fire–resistant and have nothing hanging off that could easily catch fire.

Halloween also happens in the evening and when it is dark. Consider having your kids wear glow sticks around their wrist and ankles or use reflective tape. That way if you shine a flashlight or if a car comes by, you can see where your child is at all times.

On the Hunt for Candy:

When trick or treating, an adult should accompany children at all times. The adult should have a basic knowledge of the area and able to call for assistance if necessary. If your kids are older, ask them to check in every once in awhile and/or let them share their location from their cellular device. A good app that can be used across all mobile devices is Life360. It is a free app where you can create a group of all the members of you family and track them in real time. Also create a rule with your kids to not snack on their candy until they return home. That way you can inspect any suspicious candy and sneak a couple bites of your favorite kind at the same time.

Enjoy Halloween time and the rest of the fall weather while keeping your children safe! And remember to contact us at House Doctors for all your home care needs. Call today and knock some of those items off of your to-do list.

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