Tips on Organizing Your Entire House

Are you up to the challenge of organizing your home’s clutter? It may seem less daunting to take a look at each room separately. Dividing your home into sections can help you prioritize your time and visualize how the space will look when everything is finished. Here are a few tips on how to organize your home one room at a time!


Organizing Your Office

Are you lacking office organization? Increase your daily productivity by organizing your office space and cleaning out that confusing clutter.

  • Install shelving units to utilize wall space 
  • Place divider trays in drawers to fight off desk clutter
  • Use paper tray organizers or filing cabinets to corral loose papers
  • Mount wall organization baskets for extra storage 
  • Have a specific place for all stationery items: jars, trays, or bins work well

Clean Up Your Laundry Room

Every laundry room is different, but all their purposes are the same, to give you a proper space for cleaning. Having a freshly organized laundry room will help keep your household running and smelling great!

  • Adding lighting to your space can help you keep track of every dish- towel and sock
  • Install a new shelving unit to free up valuable floor space
  • Use the space over your appliances to install cabinets or racks
  • Mount a folding table to the wall to create extra countertop space when needed and hidden when not

Take Control of Your Pantry

The pantry is one of the easiest spaces to get out of hand and one of the most satisfying when it is well organized. Whether you have a whole closet or a single shelf, organizing your pantry will add functionality and aesthetic to your home! 

  • Obtain jars, bins, baskets and other containers to organize all the different kinds of items that go into your pantry in a cohesive layout 
  • Label the various containers within your pantry to help keep the salt and sugar from being confused
  • Add pull-out drawers to increase functionality 
  • Install custom shelving to make your pantry exactly how you want it


Turn Your Basement into Usable Space

Basements are so versatile in their functionality! Whatever you use this extra space for, keep it clean and organized to maximize it’s usage.

  • Install shelving to increase your basements storage potential
  • Place large labels on your storage bins and boxes to make finding those once a year decorations easier 
  • Add lighting to your basement to brighten the overall space up and increase visibility
  • Inquire about custom cabinets, racks, and shelves
  • Beware of items that may pick up musty smells from being stored in a basement such as: clothes, books, and linens

Upgrade Your Garage

Garages are a natural catch-all area as we travel from outside to inside our home. Set up an organization system today to save your garage from becoming a cluttered mess.

  • Mount a wall system to hold all of your favorite tools
  • Add cabinets and shelves to store your favorite hobbies supplies in their own specific area
  • Have a container for storing miscellaneous loose items such as: bolts, keys, pins, and more 
  • Inquire about overhead storage options to optimize your space and get boxes off the floor and onto the ceiling 
  • Install a workspace dedicated to getting stuff done

Eliminating clutter and organizing your entire house can seem intimidating, but taking it slow and doing one room at a time will make it manageable. For more help, call your local House Doctors location to see what  organization services they have to offer! 

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