Organize Like a Boss


Some days are busier than others, and messier. Your home may feel like a zoo but it doesn’t have to look like one. Organize your home by following these clever tips to and get rid of the clutter!

Get A Mailbox

And no, we don’t mean the mailbox you have outside. If you have a junk drawer, it is probably already full. Set up a literal box for all of your mail, receipts, and notes. You can organize and sort through this pile once a week to keep it under control. When you do have guests into your home, just simply put the box away or pop on the lid!

Re-organize Your Pantry

Organize your shelves the way the grocery store does so you can see everything. Place your newest boxes behind the old ones so you use them first. Keep inventory of what you have by labeling your containers.

Kitchen Counters

Rearrange your countertops by only placing items you use often on the counter. Cooking in a space where you have no room to prep is a chef’s worst nightmare. Stores less frequently used items on open shelves or cabinets to avoid the clutter.

Fridge and Freezer

The trick to having a clean fridge and freezer is to have like foods stacked or stored together by placing containers in your fridge or freezer. You can customize these containers depending on your style; you can ever designate them for certain dishes you want to prepare.

Shop Smarter

Turn the back t of a cabinet into a makeshift grocery list. You can do this easily by installing a chalk or whiteboard for repeated use for writing things you need down before you forget.

Color Code Your Bathroom

Assign each member of the family a color to use for their things throughout the home. Each person has his or her own toothbrush, towel, hamper in their designated color; making it easy for everyone to find their things and more importantly put it away.


Pay attention to the clothes you wear regularly, and donate the ones you don’t. Organize your closet with only the things you actually wear and make it easier on yourself to find your clothes in the mornings. We recommend placing clothes and accessories that go together in the same area for convenience.


Swap out your coffee table for an ottoman or steamer trunk for extra toy storage. This extra space allows your kids to store all their toys in one room without ruining your decorating style. We recommend designating one for each kid.


Once you organize your home, you will be ready to tackle that next home project. House Doctors may be here to help with that. Check out our website for further information.

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