National Fall Prevention Week 2016

September 22-29 is National Fall Prevention Week, and at House Doctors we are committed to helping families keep their homes safe and accessible for seniors aging in place or people with disabilities. As we continue to raise awareness for fall prevention, here are our best tips for installing features to increase accessibility in your household.

Best Places to Install Grab Bars

The National Council on Aging estimates that 1 in 3 older Americans falls each year. Falls in the bathroom are among the most common. Bathtubs and toilets can be especially challenging areas in the home to navigate. Installing grab bars and handles help people keep their balance while moving freely around the bathroom or other areas of the home. Grab bars are very commonly used for those reasons. Having comfort and safety in your home to continue your daily activities is important. Companies like Grabcessories specialize in equipment that won’t clash with your bathroom’s décor while still providing high-quality, weight-bearing stability for fall prevention.

Safe Steps

Stairwells are another common location for trips and falls. Make sure that your home’s stairways are well-lit and that the handrail is solidly attached to the wall. A shaky or unanchored handrail might detach from the wall under the weight of a child or adult. Everyday Health also suggests wearing shoes around the house for added stability, especially on stairs. It can help prevent slipping and sliding, especially if you have hardwood flooring. If you keep baskets or other items on your stairs, you might want to consider decluttering as an extra precautionary measure.

For more information on aging in place and making your home comfortable for people of any age and ability, visit You can also read more about grab bar installations by House Doctors on our website.

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