Creating a Family Command Center in Your Home

If you have a family, you probably know that life can get hectic. House Doctors understands the importance of keeping your family and your schedule as organized as possible. The kids are starting back in school and the fall sports are back in swing; you’re being pulled in all directions and probably need a little help. Keeping everyone’s sports, school, and work schedules not to mention appointments together can be nearly impossible. Create a family command center to keep all of your important information and details in one place.

Keeping it Straight

A family command center is a great way to create an organized place for everything that is happening in your home and keeping all of your important papers in one spot. Knowing what everyone’s days look like will help keep you in the loop at all times. The best place to create your family command center is in a high traffic area where your family will walk through daily. Often these command centers are created in a mudroom or in the entryway. You will need wall space to hang things such a file holders, calendars, etc. You can also set up baskets with supplies for things like school and sports if you have the space. The minimum supplies you will need to get started are baskets and hooks.

Keeping it Simple

Picking your calendar is important; you will want to pick one that is pretty yet functional but large enough for the whole family. If you have young children, you don’t need to plan a calendar for the whole year. A monthly or even weekly calendar may be more effective. As they get older you can adjust it to better fit your needs. Make the calendar fun for the whole family by including stickers and bright colors for each child so they look forward to looking at it.

Keeping it Functional

Your command center can also be a great place for your family to leave their coats, shoes, the dogs leash, and bags as well. You may want to also include a few other items that are needed every so often like an umbrella, gloves or hat. It only takes a few minutes a week to set up your command center and keep it organized. Organizing your home just got easier. If you need any help installing your command center, call House Doctors.

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