Back to School with House Doctors

Back to School with House Doctors

How can it still be summer when it’s back-to-school time? With kids still jumping in the pool, it’s hard to imagine barbeque season won’t last for a few more months. While those same kids are running barefoot through the lawn, take advantage of the warm weather and long days to finish up your summer projects, including home improvement tasks – especially those multi-day projects. House Doctors was created to take these tasks off your plate.

Beyond a Handyman

House Doctors goes beyond the work of a typical handyman or even a remodeling company. If you need flooring, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, gutters, or decorating, we are here to work alongside you to get the job done. If your summer projects involve home improvement, House Doctors can help you complete every task on the list. Trust a reliable, vetted, licensed, and insured professional to cover your to-do list while saving you time and stress. Maybe House Doctors can help you build a school shelf just in time for the start of the school year!

Maintenance Prevention

Once House Doctors finishes your summer project list in time for back-to-school, recruit them to keep track of your home maintenance. By staying on top of repairs throughout the year, you can save yourself time and money. Partner with House Doctors in being proactive with home repairs. Regular checkups are the best way to prevent small problems from escalating into significant maintenance issues.

Check out our services at House Doctors for your summer projects, big and small, as well as any home renovation, repair or maintenance projects you have been putting off. We’re here to take these tasks off your plate, and go above and beyond your expectations every time. Contact us at 888-HOUSE-DOC or visit us online at to get started and book your FREE ESTIMATE now!

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