Grab Bar Installations for Homeowners in Boston, MA and Surrounding Areas

grab bar installationsIf you’re concerned about your safety in the bathroom or the safety of a loved one, a grab bar is a very effective way to make this area much safer. A big part of why bathrooms pose a risk to people of all ages is because it’s a much more slippery area than the other parts of a home. If someone does slip, there’s often nothing reliable to grab nearby. While many people will reach for a towel bar if they feel themselves falling, this item isn’t designed to support a person’s weight. Instead, it will rip off the wall and there could still be an accident.

Falls are the most common source of serious injuries for Boston seniors. So, grab bar installations can play a crucial role in allowing seniors to continue living independently in their home. By adding one or more of these secure bars to a bathroom, not only will the senior feel confident whenever they’re in this space, but their loved ones won’t be nearly as worried about the possibility of a serious fall.

In addition to grab bar installations, we provide a wide range of other independent living services. We can fully evaluate a MA home, and then provide a list of improvements that will significantly increase the home’s safety and convenience. From easy access hardware to ramps to push button locks, our independent living solutions allow seniors to continue safely enjoying the independence of living in their own home.

Our team of professional handymen can take help with large and small home improvement and repairs. We also offer a one year guarantee on all labor. For more information on our services call House Doctors today!