6 Tips for Energy Efficient Homes

6 Tips for Energy Efficient Homes

Saving money is hard to do year round, but especially with the holiday season coming up. Why not learn some ways to conserve energy and save-up money for the holidays? Here are six tips to make your home energy efficient.

1)      Switch up your switch

Do not use your standard on-off light switch that only has two settings. Swap out that old technology and install a new money saving switch. Use a dimmer switch to not only turn lights on and off but you can set how bright you want each room. An occupancy sensor can also save you money! If no one is in the room for an extended period of time the sensor will turn your lights off automatically.

2)      Be a fan of fans

Not only can a ceiling fan add décor to a room, it can help you save money on your energy bill. During the summer, set your blades to rotate counterclockwise and raise your thermostat 3-5 degrees higher. The ceiling fan will cool down the room to your original setting with the use of less energy. In the winter, you do the exact opposite and get the same result.

3)      Take advantage of natural light

By installing skylights, natural light will stream through the windows and instantly brighten up the room. No need for multiple lights on when you have skylights letting beautiful sunlight to cascade through your living space.

4)      Paint the darkness away

Painting an area a brighter color will not only cheer it up but will reflect light better than darker colors. Remember light colors reflect and dark colors absorbs. This means less lights have to be turned on which also mean more money in your pockets.

5)      Old way, best way

Instead of having your dishes washed and dried by a machine that uses a good amount of energy, wash dishes yourself and let them air dry! Air drying is not only energy-efficient but also more environmentally friendly than using a machine.

6)      Ice bath for clothes

You do not have to wash clothes in hot water to get them clean. Washing clothes on a cold water setting with cold-water detergent can do the same job. Hot water is not always the best.

Now that you have ideas on how to make your home more energy efficient and are gearing up for the holidays, consider giving House Doctors a call to help with any home improvement and repairs before the guest arrive. Contact House Doctors today to learn more.


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