4 Tips for a Summer Home Improvement


Summer Home Improvement

Over 33 million Americans are planning a summer home improvement and renovations, according to the experts at BuilderOnline.com. Warm weather and long holiday weekends make summer the perfect time to tackle indoor and outdoor projects. Though many families will hit the road for a week at the beach this year, some will opt to use their vacation time to roll up their sleeves and dive into their summer home-repair to-do list. Whether you’re thinking about a full-scale renovation or a few quick home upgrades, read our tips for making the most of your staycation.

1. Think Small

It’s a common mistake to take on more than you can handle when embarking on a home improvement project. Think realistically to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you only have two days finish a project, remodeling your entire bathroom might not be the right choice. Make a list of tasks, consider the amount of time you can reasonably devote to each one, and get started!

2. Make a Road Map

You wouldn’t jump in the car for a vacation without booking a hotel, choosing a route, or packing your suitcase. Likewise, home improvement requires planning. Spend some time mapping out your project beforehand to avoid unexpected roadblocks. Make a list of materials and tools you’ll need, and get a head start on any necessary prep work.

3. Hire Help

Summer is a great time to experiment with DIY projects, but some home repairs and improvements are best accomplished with the help of a professional! Your local House Doctors Handyman has the tools and experience to accomplish remodels and repairs throughout your home. Find a handyman near you, see a list of services we offer, and even submit your project for a pricing estimate on our website, HouseDoctors.com.

4: Reward Yourself!

Once your project is finished, reward yourself by relaxing and enjoying your new renovation. After all the planning and work of your summer home improvement, you deserve a break! Grill out on your new patio or deck, host a dinner party in your remodeled kitchen, kick back in your freshly-painted living room. This Old House even suggests adding a few luxury amenities and upgrades to make your home feel more like a vacation destination (read all 22 tips here).

Whether your home improvement plans this summer are big or small, let House Doctors help with a repair or renovation you’ll enjoy for many summers to come!

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