4 Outdoor Space Amenities that Increase Your Home Value

If you’re one of the many homeowners seeing some extra green this tax season, you’re probably considering re-investing that sum into home improvement or remodeling. And since warm weather is on its way, here are four exceptional outdoor space amenities you can invest in to increase your home’s value:

  1. Patio or Deck

Patio season is approaching fast; do you have a way to celebrate? Not only are patios an excellent way to spend more time outdoors, but they’ll also significantly boost your home’s property value. 

If you already own a patio or deck, consider having a professional expand it to give yourself even more space and see a higher return on investment.

  1. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an approachable outdoor amenity that improves your home’s curb appeal at night and makes it safer to walk around the property. Any landscape lighting is bound to give your property value a significant bump. 

You can also consider investing in solar-powered landscape lighting. Many prospective buyers get serious when they see solar incorporated somewhere in a home.

  1. Fire Pit

Fire pits are an easy win for homeowners. They can have an exceptionally high ROI (return on investment), especially if you choose one that uses natural gas. Even with the associated expenses of building and maintaining a fireplace, you should still see your resale value increase. Did someone say marshmallows?

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can potentially give you the most ROI. While the upfront investment is usually higher, some homeowners can see a nearly double return when a reliable professional handles their kitchen construction. 

This value can be significantly higher if you live in a warmer climate since buyers will view them as something they can use year-round. But if you’re in colder climates, you can still benefit from an outdoor kitchen in the warmer months, especially if you’ve wanted one yourself!

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