Window and Door Repair

door repair

Windows and doors are among some of the most important features of the home, providing security and functionality, as well as unique design and aesthetic details. With that in mind, it’s important that the doors and windows in your home are in good shape and functioning properly. Our insured handymen are experienced to perform the smallest window and door repair all the way up to a complete replacement or installation of new doors and windows.


From replacing a lock or door knob, painting, and replacing the threshold, to replacing the glass and re-caulking around the windows, House Doctors will help you with any and all door and window repair.

Replacements and Installation

Whether your doors and windows are damaged beyond repair, or you would just want to update the fixtures for a fresh new look or function, you can trust House Doctors for all of your door and window replacement and installation needs.

Energy Savingswindow and door repair

The doors and windows are some of the first places in your home to consider when thinking about energy efficiency. As the main source of access to the exterior of the home, the windows and doors in your house are susceptible to letting the air inside your home escape, and also allowing outdoor air in. The exchange of the hot and cold air through these cracks causes your heating and cooling units to work harder. Consider caulking, weather stripping and adding reflective window film to help keep your energy costs down:

House Doctors can also help you install energy efficient ENERGY STAR doors and windows. Coming in many different options, all of which provide additional insulation and features to help lower your energy costs. In fact, some ENERGY STAR products can lower your energy bill up to 15%.

Whether it’s a small window or door repair or an installation of a new replacement window or door that you need call House Doctors. Our technicians are experienced, bonded and insured and trained in customer service. We only use the highest quality materials that carry manufacturers warranties and we guarantee our labor for one full year. To find a skilled and trusted handyman near you, call House Doctors.


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