Weatherize Your Home to Stand up Against Floods


Natural disasters are rare but when they hit, we wish we could have prevented some of the damages. Floods are no exceptions. Don’t wait until the flood comes to start worrying. Put measures into place so your worries can stay dry and at bay. Here are some tips you can look into for when floods threaten your area:

Tip 1: Check your flood level

Each place has a flood level. Do some research and see if you are in a flood zone. has a Flood Map Service Center were you can input your address and it will tell you if you are located in a flood zone

Tip 2: Raise everything up!

It does sound cliché to say but raise up your electrical and climate systems at least a foot above your expected flood; same with your outdoor equipment. Your air conditioning units and generators that are located outside should be anchored and raised. If your generator is on the ground and takes in water, it will be useless and you might be left with no electricity.

Tip 3: Check to see if you are covered

According to USA Today, when Hurricane Harvey hit, less than 20% of victims had insurance to cover the damage. If you are in a high flood risk area, we suggest getting great flood insurance.

Tip 4: Install a sewage water backstop

If you don’t want other people sewage to wash back into your basement you might to have a sewage water backstop by a licensed plumber. In a initial construction, to install a backstop would be $150 to $200. In an existing home, it will cost more of around $1000 to $2000. Even though the price is higher it will save you that amount or more in damages if you didn’t have one installed.

Tip 5: Relocate

If you are tired of the endless flooding and the cost of damages you keep paying every time there is a storm, consider relocating to a low flood risk area. It might not be the best option but it will save you money in the long run

After these 5 steps you will be prepared for the worst of floods. If you have water damage or other weather related damages to your home, we at House Doctors can help. Check out our website to find the nearest House Doctors. Call today and get a free quote!

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