Decorative Exterior Shutters, Interior Plantation and Hurricane Shutters, Retractable Awnings and Retractable Screens

shuttersHouse Doctors is the Handyman you can trust to install and repair and replace the shutters in your home. Our skilled and experienced handymen can help you with all of your exterior needs. No matter the type or style, we can install or repair it.

These are many types and styles you can use, but here is a list of the most commonly used:

  • Decorative Exterior
  • Hurricane
  • Interior Plantation
  • Retractable Screens.

Shutters provide you with many benefits in your home. The most highly talked about benefit of purchasing any of the choices above are the fact that they are cost effective and can last you a very long time with little to no maintenance. Interior plantation shutters allow you to get rid of those tangled and messy blinds and stick with a more visually pleasing area. They also help to keep your home more temperature controlled by keeping the cold or hot air out. If you are someone that does not enjoy the sunlight shining through your windows 24/7, then these may be a great option for you. Hurricane shutters are important to protect your home, you, and your family from any storms. There are different types of them, but most commonly used are the rolling shutters. Decorative exterior is a style that is used to add a personal touch to the exterior of your home. Many home owners use them to also add to their curb appeal and provide a bit more privacy to their homes. Lastly, retractable screens keep out those pesky bugs and give you more privacy in your home or back porch area.

House Doctors is the preferred installer for many shutter manufacturers. If you are in the market to repair, replace, or install new shutters, call the handyman you can trust, House Doctors!


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