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Revive Your Home: Expert Wood Rot Repair in Raleigh,Wake Forest, and Knightdale, NC

Wood rot is a common issue that can quietly and continuously impact the stability of your home, resulting in damage that is often overlooked until it becomes irreparable. This is where House Doctors comes in as a reputable wood rot repair company, committed to preserving and enhancing the aesthetics and durability of your home.

House Doctors is a reputable company known for their excellence in wood rot repair. They have a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship, paying attention to detail, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Homeowners can rely on House Doctors as the go-to solution for wood rot challenges.

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What is Wood Rot?

Wood is a versatile building material with great insulation. It can be painted, stained, or varnished. However, wood is susceptible to rot caused by fungi. Fungus spores are everywhere and can land on our homes. But for rot to occur, four conditions are needed: wood, warmth, oxygen, and moisture.

Common Affected Areas of the Home?

Woot rot commonly affects the exterior, but it can also impact shirt boards and windows.

Newer windows prevent leaks, which is positive. A small gap without proper sealing can let rain seep through and saturate the wood beneath the window. Damp wood, without enough air or sunlight, is ideal for fungi growth. Older wooden windows are at an even higher risk because water pools on the horizontal sill and seep through paint cracks.

Door Frames

Due to the constant exposure to elements like rain and snow, door frames are more susceptible to wood rot than other areas of a home. Wood rot can occur, particularly on wooden frames, due to gaps between doors and siding.

Railings and Banisters

Railings are in direct contact with the elements. Rainfall can cause wood rot in deck and porch railings.

Deck and Porch Area

The elements can damage the boards on your deck, just like other parts of your home. Wood can deteriorate over time due to moisture, but there may also be other causes of damage, such as dry rot or galvanic rot.

Galvanic rot occurs when pressure-treated lumber and galvanized nails or screws are in contact. The wood’s chemicals react with the nails, producing oxidation and corrosion in the boards. The only solution to address galvanic rot is to remove and replace the affected boards on the deck to prevent further rot spread.

Preventing wood rot is more cost-effective and easier than repairing it.

Please contact us, as this is one of our areas of expertise. We can assist you in fixing the issue before it becomes more severe and expensive.

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