Holidays Preparation for House Guests

Everyone has a designated house on where the holidays are spent. Whether it be at your parents, distant relative or a really close friend, your turn to host is probably around the corner. No need to stress because that is not what the holidays are about. We, at House Doctors want to make your holidays filled with memories and cheer. With this house and guest checklist, your holiday gathering will be the best so far.

4 Tips to Making the Holidays More Enjoyable for your Guests

1. Guest rooms

Have your guest’s rooms ready for their arrival with a fresh set of sheets and towels. No one wants to be sleeping on sheets that have collected dust since the prior holidays. A fresh sheet and towels are welcoming and will give the room a fresh laundry smell. There also might be a chance that you have less bed than there are guests for the holidays. No worries just bring out the old air mattress. By checking for holes you save the hassle of blowing it up only for it to deflate an hour or two later.

2. Arrival

During the holidays everyone is running around for last minute objects but do not know when the exact time their guest are going to arrive. Instead of letting them wait out in the cold while you are at the groceries, make a spare key and hide it from the unknowing eye. Then when your guest show up they can follow the instruction to find the key and let themselves in. (Do not hide the key under the mat, that is too common)

3. Food

Don’t be afraid to buy some pre-made snacks and food. Not everyone has the time and patience to hand make every dish for a grand holiday feast. Buying pre-made snacks can save you time and also can give your guest more variety to choose from. Also when the celebration is over, don’t be afraid to handout leftover bags. Handing out leftover bags gives your guests food for the road and helps to keep your refrigerator from becoming over cluttered.

4. Activities

Sometimes the best part about the holidays are the gifts. Instead of everyone opening up gifts at one time and paying no attention to each other, play an unwrapping game as a group first then open individual gifts. Gift games like White Elephant or the infamous Saran Wrap Gift Ball are perfect for both adults and children. It provides a fun/competitive atmosphere during the holidays that you do not get by opening gifts individually.  Plus it’s a great moment to take pictures and get the perfect candid shot.

We, at House Doctors want your holiday season to be smooth and stress free. With this checklist you are a step closer to being the best host for the special occasion and having no stress while doing it. Remember, House Doctors can help with that last minute home improvements or repairs. We have technicians that are bonded and insured with over 10 years of experience to help with those last minute repairs.

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