Picture and Mirror Hanging

Picture and mirror hanging

Hanging pictures and mirrors are a great way to add more personality, style, and detail to your home. Let your home tell your story by hanging family photos, art, or your favorite mirror. While these personal pieces may add joy to your life after they are hung, hanging them can cause a major headache. Tricky tools, bulky frames, and hard to reach places may have you giving up entirely. Ditch the hassle and hire a House Doctors handyman to help! Our trained technicians are skilled in mirror and picture hanging, guaranteed to deliver a straight and level hanging service every time.

Why Hire a Professional

Hanging a picture or mirror can be hard work. To be successful in hanging a picture or mirror you must be delicate to not shatter it, but firm enough to make sure it will stay in place. You also must make sure it is level and in the correct place. When attempting this project alone, you may even damage your paint and drywall. Also, sometimes you may need a second opinion on where they look best. These are all things our handymen are trained on how to do. By hiring a professional, you can rest assured knowing that your precious pieces will be handled and hung with extreme care and caution. No matter the size, weight, or number of pieces that need hung, you can count on House Doctors to perform high-quality work.

House Doctors can hang a wide variety of pieces in your home, such as:

picture and mirror hanging

                      • Artwork
                      • Mirrors
                      • Family Photos
                      • Clocks
                      • Degrees
                      • Animal Mounts
                      • Murals
                      • Shelves
                      • Tapestries


If you would like to learn more about House Doctors picture and mirror hanging services, contact us today to find a franchise location near you.

Not convinced? Here is a more detailed list of reasons why hiring a professional is a good idea!

Get the Right Size

Pictures and mirrors can be all different sizes. Large pieces of art or full-size mirrors can be difficult to hang for the average person because of their bulky size. A House Doctors professional has the tools and experience necessary to successfully hang and secure these large items. Know your investment in any size piece will be safe and secure on your wall when a House Doctors handyman hangs it.

Find Your Style

Many picture and mirror frames come in ornate and detailed styles that add beautiful touches to a home but need to be handled delicately. Older frames tend to break easily and need extra time and attention given to them as well. Whether you have a large, small, old, or new frame for your picture or mirror, House Doctors is here to make the job go smoothly.

Create a Gallery

A gallery wall is loosely defined as a collection of artwork, pictures, and other special pieces that are hung in a grouping on a wall. Gallery walls have been growing in popularity over the years due to the amount of customization and personal style they allow homeowners to express. But hanging so many pieces can be time consuming, tiring, and frustrating if you cannot get each frame just right. House Doctors can work with you to customize your gallery wall and get each piece hung exactly how you want it!

If you would like to learn more about House Doctors picture and mirror hanging services, contact us today to find a franchise location near you.