Myths about Handymen

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Don’t be fooled there are myths about every profession; it is no different for a handyman service like House Doctors. This month’s blog will discuss myths and truths about handymen in general.

House Doctors3 Myths and Truths:

Handymen Know It ALL

Many believe that handymen know everything about home repairs and improvement. That actually is not even close to being true. Handymen usually specialize in one or two skills; very rarely you will find a handyman with a wide skill set. The handyman you hire to fix your plumbing most likely cannot install a new lighting fixture for your dining room. You would have to hire another person for that. It’s like asking a pediatrician to be a vet…definitely not the same.

Handymen are ALL MEN

Just because “Men” is in the word “handymen” does not mean all handymen are men. Women are perfectly able to be handy too, as long as they are highly qualified just like their male counterparts. Women also have an advantage in the handymen field. Women are more comfortable talking to women and husbands trust a women handyman with their family and homes than a man.

Handymen ONLY work on Homes

Handymen main source of profit is from homeowners but can also work with businesses. Some businesses are ran in building with a maintenance crew, but smaller businesses usually rely on handymen to fix minor repairs or remodel the layout of their environment. Handymen are very handy!

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