Home Maintenance for the Changing Seasons

As the dog days of summer draw to a close, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance again. Though you might not want to face the fact that cooler days are ahead, taking care of your home now will save you time and money in the months ahead. Here are a few of our favorite end-of-season handyman jobs to help you say goodbye to summer.

Pool Maintenance

Labor Day is often the unofficial last day of the summer for community pools. You might leave your backyard pool open a little longer, but eventually you’ll need to part with poolside afternoons until next summer. Pools can take a lot of maintenance. After the final swim, make sure to check for proper chemical levels in the water, as well as all pumps and valves, and don’t forget to get all hands on deck to securely fasten the pool cover.

Power Down the A/C

Temps are still scorching in many areas around the country, but cooler days and autumn breezes are just around the corner. Before powering down your A/C unit, it’s a good idea to address any repairs that you might have been putting off. HVAC specialists are often less busy toward the end of the summer when households use their air conditioning less, but aren’t yet ready to crank up the furnace. Maintaining your A/C and troubleshooting issues now will ensure that your unit is ready to go when next summer rolls around!

Gutter & Drywall Repair

Heavy rainfall and flash flooding impacted cities across the U.S. this summer, leaving some unfortunate homeowners with leaky roofs and soggy drywall. Water damage can create huge problems like mildew, wood rot, and structural weakness. Heavy rain and high winds can also cause gutters to pull away from the side of your home, so water is more likely to seep through your walls and ceilings. Before summer ends, make sure that your gutters are securely fastened and properly cleaned and unclogged. And though drywall repair and replacement can be a big project, it’s better to fix the problem now before it becomes a health or safety hazard down the road.

No matter your maintenance needs, it’s never a bad idea to hire a pro for a little extra help, especially during the busy back-to-school season. The handyman team at House Doctors is ready to help with all kinds of summertime projects, from gutter and soffit repair to drywall installation. We are equipped for nearly any handyman job, large or small, to get your home ready for summer’s final days.

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