Cosmetic Upgrades to Sell Your Home Quicker

Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint Are the walls in your house dated or simply too edgy to appeal to the vast majority? Sure those yellows walls speak to your design style but generally most buyers will be turned off by bold colors and textures. A simple run to your local home improvement store for […]

Creating a Family Command Center in Your Home

  If you have a family, you probably know that life can get hectic. House Doctors understands the importance of keeping your family and your schedule as organized as possible. The kids are starting back in school and the fall sports are back in swing; you’re being pulled in all directions and probably need a […]

The Ultimate Guide To Decorating Your Entire Home

Whether you have just moved in or you are looking for a way to spruce up your current design, there are some well known interior design tips and tricks that most designers use daily. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Your home is where you live, your happy place, your serenity, so […]

Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day

Moms devote their lives to making our lives betters, they do so much for their families on a daily basis. It’s easy to take  all the things mom does for granted, but Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder to show Mom how much you appreciate all she does.  Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, […]

Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

Yes, the annual Easter egg hunt is the main event, but you will want to make sure you have plenty of other activities to keep the kids busy after all of the eggs are found. Easter is a great time for backyard games but don’t worry, all of these games can be played inside in […]

Organize Like a Boss

Some days are busier than others, and messier. Your home may feel like a zoo but it doesn’t have to look like one. Organize your home by following these clever tips to and get rid of the clutter! Get A Mail Box And no, we don’t mean the mailbox you have outside. If you have […]

Fall in Love with Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The weather may be cold and wet but with spring right around the corner its time to spruce up our homes, starting with the curb appeal. Your homes entrance is the first thing guests see and notice when visiting not to mention having good curb appeal boosts your home’s property value. Updating your home’s curb […]

Kicking the Year off with a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the center of your family conversations, meals, laughs and of course cherished memories. A functional kitchen is truly a blessing that turns meal preparation into memorable moments. Kitchens provide a space for family-fun activities such as cooking or baking and allow your family to bond while perhaps […]

Common Mistakes Made During Home Renovations

Home renovation can either add to the value of your home or diminish the value if done incorrectly. Depending on the scale of the project, you should prepare for some difficult challenges along the way. We recommend that you have a detailed plan with an end goal before you decide how extensively the need to […]

Spooky Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is a time for children to dress up as their favorite fictional character and try to collect all the candy they can carry. Though the holiday is supposed to be all spooky and fun, safety is a concern for multiple reasons. Here are some tricks and tips for this holiday to keep you and […]

Weatherize Your Home to Stand up Against Floods

Natural disasters are rare but when they hit, we wish we could have prevented some of the damages. Floods are no exceptions. Don’t wait until the flood comes to start worrying. Put measures into place so your worries can stay dry and at bay. Here are some tips you can look into for when floods […]

Getting your Home Suited up for this School Year. In just five easy steps!

The season of summer is winding down and soon the kids will be off to school once again. With picking up class schedules and finding all the school supplies needed for the year, it is sometimes too much to get back into the school year groove. Do not panic, we have a few back-to-school tips […]