Get Your Deck Summer Ready

Looking for a great way to get outdoors this summer? Create your own backyard oasis! Decks create a great outdoor space that’s comfortable for you and your family. Depending on where you live, your deck may encounter harsh weather throughout the year, such as snow, wind, or heavy rains. If you do live in an area with intense weather, getting your deck inspected regularly is a great way to ensure your deck is around for a long time. Need help getting your deck ready for summer? House Doctors can help your outside space look phenomenal just in time for warmer weather!


Repair your Deck

Your deck may need repairs after going through months of rough weather. Harsh rain, wind, ice, snow, and other intense weather can cause significant wear and tear to the deck’s structure. As a homeowner, it is important to check and fix any repairs before allowing people to use your deck again after the off season. One of the most common issues homeowners face when it comes to deck maintenance is rotting. Rotting when left untreated, can lead to the destroying of the deck’s shape and structure.Another dangerous issue to be aware of is potentially broken boards. Broken boards can be caused by rot, cracking, and age. Broken boards can be a safety hazard when left unmaintained and should be repaired to avoid any potential injury. You will also want to repair any wobbly railings that may be attached to your deck.


Clean Your Deck

Cleaning your deck is a task that should be done frequently, especially throughout the summer. You will want to give the deck an extra good rinse when the weather starts to warm up so that leftover debris from any harsh weather is cleared away! Debris should be cleaned to prevent stains and mildew from forming. You can start with grabbing a broom and sweeping off any dirt or dust you might find. Next is to decide which cleaning method you want to apply to your deck’s surface. One method to making your space look spotless is using deck cleaning solution. You can apply this and hand wash it with a scrub brush, then use a hose to rinse, after letting it sit for a couple of minutes. Another way to ensure your deck’s health is to apply a sealer, this shields the deck from any water damage that may occur. When applying a sealer, you will want to protect yourself from any chemicals, so wear a mask, gloves, and the correct eye equipment. If you want to avoid the hassle, House Doctors has experienced technicians who can perform efficient deck cleaning and repair for you!


Add Decorations 

After completing any repairs and cleanings, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to your deck to create the perfect summer spot for your family! The decoration possibilities are endless for outdoor spaces. A popular way to decorate is by hanging string lights on railings or zigzagging them above using poles. Adding lights increases visibility and overall safety, which makes the space more attractive and inviting to guests. Another important feature to add to your deck is furniture. Furniture can transform an outside area to feel more comfortable and relaxing. Our killed handymen can hang lights, assemble furniture, build custom pieces, and much more to give you the deck of your dreams this summer. Other decorating ideas we can help with include:

  • Fire pit installation
  • Custom storage solutions
  • Plants, pots, and gardens
  • Light installation
  • Outdoor furniture assembly


Do you need help getting your outside space ready for summer? Let one of our professional handymen at House Doctors help you, give us a call at (888) HOUSE-DOC today!

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