How to Blend An Above Ground Pool with the Rest of Your Home’s Exterior

Time to think about an above ground pool

Here at the House Doctors, we’re getting very excited about spring and summer. We can’t wait to get outside and spruce up our homes, gardens, and landscaping for the upcoming cookouts and late nights making s’mores over the fire, and even consider purchasing an above ground pool.

One thing everyone thinks about at some point in their lives is installing an above ground pool. But, when do you think about it? Most likely, you think about it when pools are about to open and then it’s usually too late to start planning.

Right now is when you should be considering installing an above ground pool.

Why? Because there are many things to consider when getting a pool, especially an above ground pool. How big of a pool do you need to accommodate your family, friends, and neighbors? Where is it going to be placed in your yard? Will you need to level any ground in order to install it? How are you going to blend an above ground pool with the rest of your home’s exterior?

Both an above ground pool and in-ground pools have their own sets of pros and cons.

One of the advantages of an above ground pool is it’s easier to fit one into a smaller yard. The same is true for a yard with an odd shape. Additionally, the cost of an above ground pool is significantly less than any in-ground option.

In terms of drawbacks, the biggest issue with above ground pools is they don’t flow that well with the rest of a yard. Instead of adding a lot of visual appeal like an in-ground pool, one that’s above ground can really stick out from everything else that’s around it. Whether you currently have an above ground pool and don’t love that part of it or you’ve been thinking about adding one but are worried about how it’s going to look, there’s actually a way to make it much more integrated with your home’s exterior.

The solution to make that happen is by utilizing a deck to create a seamless transition. By bringing the deck to the edge of the pool, it becomes possible to actually integrate this type of pool into your backyard. Since this is an option that interests many different homeowners, there are several various options available:

Wood Deck

The first option for blending a pool into your yard is to encase it with a wooden deck. If you already have a deck, it can be extended to surround the pool. This option is a great choice if you enjoy having lots of friends and family members over to enjoy your pool.

Wooden or Stone Wall

The second option is to have the deck run against part of the pool, and then the rest of it can be surrounded by a wall. Depending on the design of your backyard, the wall can either be made from wood or stone. The outcome of this approach can be very practical and attractive.

Standalone Pool Deck

The other option to consider is a deck that sits in your backyard and attaches to part of your pool. Although this doesn’t flow quite as smoothly as the other two options, it can work well if you prefer to have some space between your home and the pool area.

Also Works for Hot Tubs

Keep in mind that this concept isn’t limited to pools. Since they have a similar design, it can also work well for hot tubs. Not only can this approach help blend a hot tub with your exterior, but it will also provide some seating and privacy for whenever you want to use the hot tub.

House Doctors Can Help Plan and Complete This Project

If you like the idea of moving forward with this project, House Doctors can help you finalize all of the details. Our talented team can ensure that you choose the option that’s best for your specific backyard. And once you’ve decided how you want to integrate your pool, we can handle the installation of the deck.

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