Are you Ready for Back to School?

Back to school season is here and many students will be heading back to in-person classes for the first time in a long time. Is your family ready? Supplies need to be bought, clothes need to be folded and organized, the kitchen needs to be fully stocked and so much more to prepare for the upcoming school year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed like many others during this time of year, take a deep breath and keep reading to learn a few ways to stay organized and put together this school year. 


Create a Communication Station

Keeping track of everyone’s schedules can be challenging. Keep up with your family and their busy schedules this year by setting up a communication center. This could be as simple as setting up a calendar in a frequented corner of your home for your family members to write their activities down on. Other suggested items to put in this area could be a white board or chalk board for any notes or lists that may need to be shared. We recommend putting this by the door, on the fridge, or in a mudroom. To get the best results, be tactical in where you set up this space and in how you explain it to your family. Keeping track of everyone is a difficult task, but by creating a communication station you will be taking a large step in getting yourself organized and prepared for the year ahead!


Dedicated Study Space

Whether school will be in-person or virtual for your family, having a dedicated study space is essential. If your student will be virtual this year, a dedicated study space allows them to have a quiet space to learn without interruptions. It also will provide them a separate space to focus on school and get into the mindset of learning. If your student is in-person, a study space allows them to do just that, study! Coming home from a day of interactions may weigh more on them than it used to and providing a quiet work space can make it easier to get homework done. Whether in-person or virtual, having a dedicated space to study and do school work will produce more efficient work and a happier mindset for the student in your family.


Add a School Shelf

Keep your home organized and clutter free all school year long with a school shelf! A school shelf is a dedicated area to store backpacks, books, empty lunch boxes and extra school supplies. By giving these items a special spot in your home, they’re less likely to end up thrown around or getting lost. This space can be customized to fit your family’s needs in many ways as well. The options are endless in how you could set up your school shelf: hooks, bins, magnets, drawers, chalk boards, and more. We added three great options below! Regardless, however you decide to set up your school shelf, it will bring your home extra organization and less chaos to your mornings.

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