Avoiding Disaster During the Holidays

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It’s easy to get wrapped up in decking the halls, wrapping presents and hosting guests, and being excited about the holidays. Before you pour the eggnog, take some time to follow these precautions and tips to avoid dealing with a disaster worse than your uncle’s ugly Christmas sweater.


Watering your live tree

The smell and look of a live tree can be wonderful, but if not maintained correctly it can turn into a disaster and even worse a fire hazard. Be sure to check the tree regularly and fill the tree stand with water throughout the season. If the tree dries out, it can quickly become a fire hazard, especially if you have a fireplace nearby.

Think about your stocking stuffers

When you are buying your stocking stuffers, think about the items you are placing next to a fireplace. Avoid highly flammable items like hairspray bottles, nail polish, ping-pong balls, etc.

Décor with strategy

The holidays are a fun time of the year to get the boxes of decorations out and turn your home into a magical winter wonderland. Be sure to think about the placement of sensitive items such as candles. Candles should never be placed next to flammable décor. You may consider using battery-powered candles as a safer alternative.

Check your lights

Regardless of having lights indoors or outdoors, you should check all of your plugin lights for exposed and frayed wires, loses connections and broken sockets to avoid shock or fire.


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