Winter Months Preparation


Summer months are coming to a close, which means time to prepare for the winter months. Getting prepared for the cold weather is an important part of closing in on the summer days. Starting home improvements in the interior and exterior of your home will make getting through winter a breeze. Fortunately, our House Doctor’s technicians can help you get through your home improvement to-do list. Here we can give you great tips that are tailored to summer.

Inspecting Your Entry Door

The entry door is your home’s curb appeal; it will be the first thing anyone will see. To make sure your door is ready for the cold weather you need to inspect it. Look for cracks, warping, and drafts coming through the door. If the door is beyond repair, consider the best replacement door such as one made out of 100 percent fiberglass and composite.

Reseal or Revamp Your Windows

During the winter months, major factors of heat loss are old, drafty windows. This can lead to higher heating costs and low comfort levels. If caulking windows doesn’t do the job maybe it is time to consider brand new windows. Although it can be pricey up front, overtime it will save you money and less maintenance.

Install New Countertops

Installing countertops may seem like a project that can be done during any season; however, it’s recommended to be done during the warmer months. Since installation professionals have to carry heavy materials in and out of the home, it can be dangerous to do this in the cold weather due to icy conditions and frigid temperatures. So if you are thinking of new countertops, consider this before the cold weather kicks in.

Refacing Cabinets

With the holidays around the corner, you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. This will be a time where friends and family will gather around the kitchen for entertainment space. The best time to reface your cabinets in the kitchen would be before this season rolls around so that your kitchen looks fresh and ready for all the holiday festivities.

Organize the Laundry Room

During the winter, kids and even adults spend plenty of time in the snow. Coming back into the house can cause a big mess. The summer is a great time to plan out your ideas on keeping the house free of stuff from the winter mess. Consider installing shelving for your winter boots and wet clothing in the laundry room to prevent tracking mud, snow or slush through the house.

Now that you have all these great tips, it is time to get started on these home improvements. If you need help you can always give House Doctors a call and they will be happy to help prepare you for the winter season.

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