Kitchen Upgrade to Kick the Year off

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the center of your family conversations, meals, laughs and of course cherished memories. A functional kitchen is truly a blessing that turns meal preparation into memorable moments. Kitchens provide a space for family-fun activities such as cooking or baking and allow your family to bond while perhaps getting a little messy. People can spend a lot of dough when investing in a kitchen upgrade; after all it is the most important part of a home and plays a tremendous role in the resale value of the property. Even if you are not looking to swing a sledgehammer into anything, changing something as simple as the countertops or cabinets can really transform your kitchen. To help create your dream kitchen, we have listed some helpful tips and advice for renovating your kitchen.

Know Your Budget

If you have a budget and chances are you do, stick to it! If you feel the need to indulge then choose one item to splurge on. Setting a firm budget for your kitchen upgrade is important and while that may sound obvious, it can be harder than you think! You should sit down with your finances when setting up your budget to determine the amount you can afford. Do your research to find out what resources are available to you within your predetermined budget before hitting up the home repair stores and websites.

Details Are Everything

Details can help a drab kitchen come to life without breaking the bank. Consider adding a stylish new rug or adding artwork to your walls to bring some tasteful colors and patterns into the space. Changing out the handles and pulls hardware for your cabinets is also a fantastically easy ways to update your kitchen. Old cabinets? Consider adding a fresh coat of paint spruce up the space.

Make A Statement With Backsplash

A great way to make a statement in any kitchen space is to add backsplash. You can accessorize your kitchen with a solid color large pane or decorative tiles to custom fit your personality. Backsplash is great for cleaning up greasy messes and there are so many styles to choose from to give your kitchen a one of a kind feel.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Sure, appliances are expensive but your old appliances may be less efficient and frankly an eyesore. When your appliances are not energy efficient, consider replacing them. January is a great time for discounts and scoring a bargain but supplies may be limited. A new set of matching appliances can give your kitchen the facelift it needs.

Any changes you make to your kitchen whether they are major projects or small adjustments can make a huge impact. We understand that kitchen renovations are sometimes stressful and time consuming. Our advanced team at House Doctors can help you bring your visions to life. Contact us today to get started!