World Kindness Day Celebration From Afar

World Kindness Day is a globally recognized holiday that works to promote how important being kind is to each other, to ourselves, and to the world. Though this year has taken a toll on us all, it has shown that kindness prevails in times of uncertainty. There are countless examples of extraordinary kindness being shown all over the globe from singing on balconies in Italy, to nightly applause for first responders in New York City and hundreds of schools around the country providing drive-through meals for sent home students.

World Kindness day is celebrated annually on the 13th of November. The purpose of the day is to encourage people to go out of their way to be kind to others. Keep reading to see how you can make a difference from a distance, one act of kindness at a time!

Use Your Skills

Are you handy, creative, or simply willing to put in some effort to spread some kindness? Then pick up a hammer, a paint brush, or whatever tool of your choice and get to work! There are several tasks you can do to spread some happiness. We suggest lending your talents to those closest to you at this time in order to prevent the spread and be safe. Here is a list of things that you may want to try: 

  • Do small home repairs for your spouse
  • Paint a picture for a loved one
  • Cook a family dinner

Give Freely

Belongings that no longer has meaning to you, could be everything to someone else! Kindness can mean many different things, but the overall goal of this is to enhance someone else’s life by donating something from yours. This could be as simple as giving a friend a call or more involved, like sending food to the police or fire department. Here are a few Covid friendly ideas on giving:

  • Give blood to the Red Cross
  • Give to food banks and local non-profits
  • Give a monetary donation online to an organization you support

Kindness At No Cost

Want to participate in World Kindness Day but have nothing to give or skills to lend? The beauty of it is that it can come in all different shapes and sizes and be 100% free! There are endless ways that you can safely give kindness out at no cost, here is a list of just a few ideas:

  • Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  • Say “thank you” more often 
  • Write a letter to a first responder

Make World Kindness Day an annual holiday in your home by simply taking the time to be a bit more kind on November 13th! Remember to consider the health and wellbeing of others at this time and spread kindness thoughtfully. We’ll leave you with this quote, “A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” -John Ruskin

Interested in learning more about this holiday? Here’s a complete guide to World Kindness Day 2020!


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