Pressure Washing Your Home


As the weather starts to warm up, now is the perfect time to deep clean your home. One of the most common tasks that home owners seem to forget is pressure washing their home. Pressure washing can significantly improve the look of your home by removing deep seated stains, dirt, and even mold.  The most common areas of a home that require pressure washing are:  driveways, house siding, decks, and fences. If you’re interested in improving your home, reach out to your local House Doctors to inquire about our pressure washing services.

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

  • Cleans fences, playground equipment and more
  • Remove plants from areas they should not be growing
  • Prevent damage from surfaces including the siding of your home
  • Remove stains from your driveway and sidewalks

Pressure washing provides an efficient and effective deep cleaning to your home by spraying high pressured water onto the applied surface.  Many choose to use pressure washers to clean areas such as driveways, decks, or house siding because the pressure of water that comes out of it gets the loose paint, dust, mud, and dirt off of the surfaces. Pressure washing is great for cleaning large areas because it provides a quick and thorough rinse to the whole surface. Using a pressure washer on the outside of your home is especially important to clear away any damaging substances such as mold and mildew that tend to grow on these surfaces. By deep cleaning the many areas of your home with a pressure washer you are providing an all-around cleaner and healthier space for you and your family to be in.

Why hire a professional to pressure wash your home?

Pressure washing can be a difficult task to complete by yourself, to get the best results and the deepest clean, we recommend hiring a professional. The first thing you need to do is decide whether you are going to rent or buy a pressure washer. This project can be dangerous in certain circumstances and sometimes hiring a professional who is more equipped, prepared, and experienced than yourself, may be the best thing to do. 

Having a professional come and pressure wash your home is more cost effective than you may think. One cost benefit to hiring a professional is that you don’t have to buy or rent the machine or any other equipment to properly do the job. Wearing protective equipment is also essential for safety purposes. It is recommended to wear boots, safety glasses, long pants, and gloves to protect your body from not only the high-pressure water but also any flying debris. Lastly, if you aren’t experienced in pressure washing, it may take longer to complete the project due to the learning curve of the machine. If you decide to hire a professional to do the job, give House Doctors a call or request a quote on our website.

Pressure washing your home may be tempting, but the truth is that it can be a frustrating process not to mention expensive. When you add up the travel time, the cost of the equipment and the time commitment of the project, you may wish you had called House Doctors. If you want your home to look nice, consider hiring our professional handyman for our pressure washing services. By pressure washing your deck, siding, driveway or fence, you can eliminate built up dirt, sediment and other debris so you and your family can enjoy more time outdoors. 

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