New Year, New Resolution, New Improvement?


Ever wonder why you make a New Year’s resolution and at first you are determined to follow it but then a week later you forget what resolution you made? Well it could be because of your surroundings. It is a proven fact that your surrounding can affect your mood, production and creativity. So why not change your surroundings to help succeed in your resolutions. Using different color throughout your home could help you. Check out the colors below and what they associate with.

Black: If your resolution is gaining confidence or getting a higher up job, black is your color for the New Year. This color is the indicator of power and rebirth. Accents of black in an office or clothing can would help achieve these goals and look good doing it.

White: Want to make life simpler and tidier, white can easily help you out. White is the foundation of many colors and is considered a classic. The advantage of being surrounded by white is that you notice untidiness more which will make you want to clean more. A white kitchen or bedroom would be the best improvement when wanting to be simple and clean.

Red: Looking for love and adventure in the New Year? Red is a vibrant color signifying strong emotions and intensity, it is the perfect color for increasing emotions and travelers. Red accents in your wardrobe or red luggage could make your New Year’s resolution more exciting.

Blue: Calmness and higher productivity is sometimes all we ever want. Blue can be a key factor on achieving these two resolutions. Studies show that blues are calming and serene but also have the highest productivity rate out of any other color. Using blue in an office or study room may help with your resolutions and keep you calm while staying busy.

Green: Want to lose those few pounds you gained from holiday dinner or want to be more in touch with the outdoors? Green is the color of health and nature. It is also is a symbol for good luck. Adding plants and greenery into and around your home will not only improve your overall health but might bring a bit of luck to you in the New Year.

Yellow: Even though yellow is bright and cheerful, it can cause irritability and an increase in tempers. This color should be displayed in your home in small doses. Too much of this color and your New Year’s resolution will have to wait.

Changing your surroundings can change your mood but also be a constant reminder that you have a resolution to complete. It is one thing to say you are going to do something and another thing to actually change yourself. Check out the House Doctors website to find a location near you and make you resolution dreams come true.

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