School Year Home Preparations

The season of summer is winding down and soon the kids will be off to school once again. With picking up class schedules and finding all the school supplies needed for the year, it is sometimes too much to get back into the school year groove. Do not panic, we have a few back-to-school tips and tricks just for you and your household to be ahead this school year.

Step One:
Get back on your (and the kids) routine
Don’t wait until the last week to start telling the kids to go to sleep early! Start a month in advance. Having your kids going to bed earlier will make them wake up earlier (may vary for teenagers, but hey they are teenagers). This will save you from the countless trips to your kid’s room to ask them if they are up. Setting up a sleeping schedule will allow your kids to get used to a certain amount of sleep instead of sleeping the day away like they normally would in the summer. A sleeping schedule will also help them be productive on their first day back instead of whining about being tired.

Step Two:
Let them do it!
One big struggle in the morning is to pack your children’s lunch every day. Instead of you packing all the lunches, use the month before school starts to teach your child how to make and or pack their own lunch! That’s one less thing for you to worry about. We suggest creating a snack drawer of healthy options, and that you only make the main item of the lunch (sandwich, chicken tenders, etc.) This way your children can pick what they want to eat for the day and they are not left starving if you give them something they don’t want because they pack the second half of their meal. It’s a win-win situation

Step Three:
Wait to buy Supplies
Most of the supplies on your kids shopping list are not needed the first week of school. Things like book covers and folders are overpriced and rack up your back to school bill. Here is a tip, wait until after all the schools are back in session, then shop for what is left on the supply list. When all the schools are in session the supplies are discounted up to 60-80% off! This not only saves you money but the hassle of stuffing all the school supplies in on backpack the first day.

Step Four:
Declutter the Old School Stuff
Throw away the old and make way for the new. You probably haven’t thrown away all the old homework sheets and tests. Well guess what? Throw those papers away. Soon you will have new assignments taking their place and you do not want a mountain of paper to clean up later! Have an end of the summer bonfire with your kids and burn all the old classwork, if you didn’t need the papers in the summer you probably will not need them in the fall. If you don’t have time for a bonfire, recycle the paper instead.

Step Five:
Make it a fun experience
Getting ready for the school year should be a fun time. It’s the last time you are spending time with your kids before homework and school activities get in the way. Spend the weekend helping your kids pick out a new outfit and get in the mindset for school. These moments are limited and they are not only memories for your kids but for you too. Have fun and have fun this school year.

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