Home Office Creation For Less


The need for a home office has never been higher with the move from in-person events to virtual ones. This includes working from home and online schooling, leaving many turning to their kitchen tables, couches, and even beds as workspaces. Creating separation between work and personal life can become a challenge when you’re going to school, working, having meetings, and everything else from your living room. If you’re in need of a dedicated space to be productive in, here are some tips on how to create a home office for less than you think!


Optimize Your Small Space 

If you have a limited space and budget, a home office may seem unattainable. Try not to throw in the towel just yet though. There are plenty of options on how to organize your space to make a home office within reach! Try to maximize your vertical storage by using a desk that has multiple layers or shelves, such as a ladder desk. This adds storage options and utilizes otherwise empty space. If you already have a desk, try adding shelves above it to achieve the same goal. These extra areas can be used to declutter your desk and add storage. We also suggest using multi-purpose furniture in your limited space. Having to buy only one piece of furniture for multiple needs, not only saves you money, but space. By keeping all your furniture compact and utilizing your vertical storage space, a small office could fit anywhere in your home!

Cut Down On Noise

Having a calm and quiet office fosters a good work environment. Unfortunately, that can be hard to come by when you live with roommates, spouses, kids, pets, noisy neighbors, or whatever it is keeping you from peace and quiet. Luckily, there are tactics that can help cut down the noise and increase your productivity while on a budget! First, try to place your home office as far away from typically loud rooms. We suggest staying away from the living room, kitchen, and children’s bedrooms/playrooms if possible. We also suggest placing fabric furnishings in your space to absorb noise. By placing carpets, curtains, tapestries, pillows, and other such items in your office, you can decrease noise without having to soundproof a thing! And for the loudest days, put on a pair of headphones, play some white noise, and soak in the silence!

Add More Purpose to Your Spare Room

Make the most out of the space you already have by turning any spare room into an office! A cheap and easy way to give you a dedicated office space is to create a separate section in a room you already have. By installing a custom shelving unit and adding a desk, you can create amazing work from home space in any room. Having multipurpose shelving and storage solutions is key in a shared environment. Especially if your multipurpose space consists of a guest bedroom and office, It’ll be important to have a place to hide away all the work day mess if a guest is coming. Some more helpful tips include adding multiple light sources, sticking to a unified color palette, and playing with the rooms layout. By combining rooms and optimizing your space, a home office can be within your budget and reach!

Having a dedicated workspace allows you to concentrate on the projects you need to complete from the comfort of your home. From hanging pictures to installing shelving, your local House Doctors are the trusted home improvement professionals for creating or putting the finishing touches to your home office. Get the dedicated home office you deserve for less than you think today!

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