Repairs, Cleaning, and Gutter Guard Installation

Maintenance of your gutters is important to the functionality of every home. We recommend hiring a trained professional for all of your gutter needs because getting to the elevated height of your home can be risky and dangerous. A House Doctors handyman can help you with all of your needs from repairs and installation to annual cleaning.

Gutter RepairsGutter Repair Handyman
When gutters aren’t working properly, it can cause a list of serious problems to the home and its foundation, which can lead to water getting inside the house. House Doctors can help you repair them to their proper working order to prevent water damage to your home. From patching holes and sealing leaky joints, to securing one that has fallen off or pulled away from the house, we can do it all.

Gutter Cleaning
Making sure your gutters are clean and free of any type of debris that can cause clogging is also important to protect your home from unwanted water damage. It is recommended that you clean them about twice a year for the best results. Our handymen have the equipment and experience to safely clean them and return them to their perfect working condition.

Installing Guards
When projects like this become too much of a chore, and you’re tired of keeping up with cleaning them every six months, call House Doctors to learn about installing guards as an easy and safe alternative. House Doctors offers the option of installing one of the leading gutter protection systems in the country. No more cleaning or clogging thanks to the latest micro filtration system. Ask House Doctors today about their gutter protection system.

guttersCheck out some of the benefits of installing guards:

  • A mesh guard with a non-stick surface keeps leaves and pine needles out, yet allows water to go through. They have a thin but strong aluminum frame.
  • Spend less time on maintaining them.
  • Can keep out unwanted animals and insects. Can also prevent them from causing damage.



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