Gear Up for Back to School

Believe it or not, in just a little over a month millions of American children will be headed back to school. Though the kids are still in vacation-mode, you might already be thinking about the home improvement projects you want to tackle. The last month of summer is a great time to take advantage of a more relaxed pace before the busy schedule of the school year sets in.

Whether you hire a handyman or do-it-yourself, you want to have your project wrapped up before school begins. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a list of common projects that can help make the transition from summer to school-time a little easier.

Get School Stuff Organized

Need some extra storage space around the house for backpacks, lunch boxes, and all of the other clutter that comes with a busy family? Install organizational shelving, hang hooks for jackets and bags, or transform an old coat closet into a cubby station or “command center” alcove. When everything has a designated place, you won’t be scrambling to find your stuff when those early school mornings start back up.

Create Kitchen Space

Whether you want it to or not, the kitchen often ends up being a center of morning activity during the school year. With your family eating breakfast, packing lunches, fixing coffee, or finishing up the last bit of homework at the table, the kitchen is no stranger to traffic jams. Try maximizing space in your kitchen by adding cabinets or countertops, or simply by installing some appliance upgrades that make your mornings run more smoothly. Coffee bars are a great addition to a kitchen, as are “organization stations,” where busy families can display a calendar, store important papers, charge electronics, and stash lunchboxes. Check out our “Unique Kitchen Ideas” page on Pinterest for more organizational ideas and design inspiration.

Host a Back to School Party

Don’t let homework put a damper on the nice weather. The kids may be back to their school routine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor fun during the late summer months. Make sure your deck and patio are in great shape and host a back-to-school BBQ in the backyard! Your deck and patio need routine maintenance, from staining and sealing to pressure-washing and wood-rot repair.

Your days at the pool don’t have to end, but when autumn comes, you’ll be glad you finished your projects early. Getting started on home improvement now means that you can eliminate the hassle of juggling repairs and renovations with sports schedules and homework.

For help with your to-do list, call House Doctors or find a location near you! We are ready to help with projects large and small to get your home looking great while you enjoy the final weeks of summer.

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