Home Maintenance in Spring – Check Your Roof!

Home Maintenance in Spring – Check Your Roof!

Even though the snow is blowing today, we here at House Doctors are very much looking forward to spring. We’ve written two installments regarding home maintenance in winter. One task that should be done is to check your roof.

The roof takes, perhaps, the heaviest beating in winter than any other element on your home. If you ignore your home maintenance in winter and roof repairs, you run the risk structural and interior home damage. Once spring has sprung, you should check your roof for any damages Old Man Winter made.

Replace and/or Add Shingles

Not all roof repairs need to be full blown roof replacements. Sometimes, a simple roof inspection followed by the replacement of a few shingles will suffice until a completely new roof is needed.

Keep in mind the cut off point for just adding new layers of shingles to forego a roof replacement is 2 layers. Once you hit 2 layers, you are required by the International Residential Code to replace your roof.


Replacing the Type of Shingle

If you have to replace your roof, this is a great opportunity to opt for a heavier shingle. Many shingles you find in stores are not optimal for roofs in high-wind areas. To cut out repair costs, replace your roof with sturdier shingles if you notice yours blowing off.

Safety vs. New Roof Costs

As many of us have learned the hard way, there’s a lot that can go wrong with an old roof. Roof sagging and roof leaks are sure signals of larger structural issues. In higher snowfall areas, repairing compromised roofs before the weight of accumulated snow is very important. Ultimately, having a roof fall in on your house is way more problematic than the cost of routine roof maintenance with a handyman such as the House Doctors.

We know new roofs are an expensive home renovation, but it’s one that can save you a lot of time, money, and stress repairing an outdated roof when emergencies with it occur. It’s these kinds of home maintenance investments that will ultimately improve the longevity of your home. Contact the House Doctors today to get started on your roof repairs and spring maintenance checklist.

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