Walk-In Tub Installation for Homeowners in Boston, MA and Surrounding Areas

More seniors are making the decision to remain in their Boston homes. While assisted care facilities serve an important purpose, it’s easy to see why a senior would prefer to stay in their own house. One reason that significantly more seniors are able to make that decision is because there are a variety of upgrades, like tub installation, to ensure that a senior is as safe as possible in their home.

With living in place upgrades, not only will a senior be protected, but their family will have peace of mind about them living independently. One of the biggest concerns for seniors who live on their own is slipping and falling. Since this accident can lead to serious injuries, it’s important to take steps to minimize the likelihood of a fall occurring.

A Walk-In Tub Greatly Increases Bathroom Safety

Because water is present and it’s a smaller space, a standard bathroom presents an especially high risk for a fall. Since the design of standard tubs can make it challenging to get in and out, it can make a fall much more likely.

The best way to eliminate this risk is through the installation of a walk-in tub. By upgrading to this type of bathtub, a senior will have an easy time accessing it. It’s also worth noting that this upgrade can include other additions like grab bars or therapeutic jets. With the help of House Doctors, a walk-in tub installation will ensure that a senior is safe and relaxed whenever they’re in their bathroom.